Honda A1 Routine Service at Hazleton Honda

At Hazleton Honda, our goal is to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your Honda vehicle for many years. All modern Honda vehicles are designed to tell you when your car requires special attention from a certified service tech via warning lights and codes illuminated on the dashboard. Responding to your vehicle's needs for maintenance and repair work as soon as possible will prevent unnecessary wear and will help you to maximize your Honda's time on the road. One of the more common codes that our customers see is the A1 service code. Our friendly and experienced techs at Hazleton Honda are ready to deliver the A1 service that your car needs today.

Quick A1 Service
Most of the maintenance codes that drivers may see illuminated on their dashboard include one letter followed by one number. Each letter and number combination indicates that specific services are needed. What does the A1 code mean?

  • A - This letter tells you that it is time to bring your car into the shop for an oil change. The A may transition to a B if you delay getting your vehicle the service that it needs. This means that the oil filter should be replaced during the oil change service.
  • 1 - This number means that your Honda's tires should be inspected and rotated.

Whether you see an A1 code that indicates that a tire rotation and oil change are due or you have noticed another code on the dashboard, we are ready to get the work done for you and to your satisfaction.

Professional Honda Maintenance
At Hazleton Honda, we take the trust that our customers place in us seriously. Our certified auto specialists understand the critical role that your Honda plays in your life, and we are honored that you have chosen to bring it to us for the maintenance work that it needs. Between our dedication to providing exceptional customer service, our techs' profound knowledge makes you feel confident that we will get the job done right when you bring it to us for an A1 service code or for any other service code.

Schedule Your Honda A1 Routine Service at Hazleton Honda
You understandably want to get your car in and out of the shop as soon as possible. With our convenient online booking system, you can easily set up an appointment for a time that works well for you. We will have a bay waiting for your Honda when you arrive. Please book your appointment with our service center at Hazleton Honda today.